Could This Replace The Ferrari California T?


That reborn Dino rumor never seems to go away.

We’ve been hearing about this rumor even before the Ferrari California was launched, a so-called entry-level model, potentially named Dino. Well, Ferrari has been adamant that the California and its California T successor are anything but entry-level. The truth of the matter is neither has been a strong seller, at least by Ferrari standards. In fact, CEO Sergio Marchionne stated at Geneva last month the California T "has a hard time seeing itself as a flow-blown Ferrari. This is the biggest topic of conversation at Ferrari right now."

Translation: its future is in doubt, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Ferrari won’t replace it, but a more market appropriate successor is required. This latest potential Ferrari Dino rendering, created by Maltese Design and first shown on Italian language site Trazione Posteriore, is clearly based on the 488 GTB, only with more compact dimensions and unique styling front and rear. While the California T is front-engined, this theoretical reborn Dino is a mid-engine design, which may be better suited for fresh competition such as the McLaren 570S and 570GT. Also noteworthy is the fact that all Ferraris post-2019 will be equipped with at least some form of hybrid tech, and this mini 488/Dino is no exception.

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It could even come powered by a twin-turbo V6 connected to a hybrid boost of sorts. The possibilities are pretty interesting. We’ve never been huge fans of the California T, but something like a compact mid-engined Ferrari could be a winning combination – just like the original Dino.