Drag Race

Could This Sleeper Buick LeSabre Be The Ultimate Death Machine For Old Men?

Your grandpa never drove anything quite like this.

Chances are you’ve never seen a Buick LeSabre like this one. Why’s that? Because this is considered a sleeper car, you know the ones that don’t look like anything from the outside but underneath they’re a wild animal that’ll nearly eat you alive. That’s exactly what this guy did to an old LeSabre that was originally for his father. But taking into account the mods he’s done to it, perhaps it’s best that only younger and experienced drivers get behind the wheel. What’d he do?

It’s powered by an LT1 V8 with a nitrous boost for an output of nearly 700 hp. Watching it at the dragstrip is literally like watching a jet plane take off. Clearly this sleeper LeSabre isn’t the old man’s car many assumed it is.

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