Could This SUV Be Alfa's Follow-Up To The Ravishing Giulia?

Surely, Italy can do better than knocking off a Jaguar.

Afterrevealing its exciting new Ferrari-powered Giulia sedan last month, Alfashould be hard at work with its upcoming SUV, expected to be launched in late2016 as the company's next step towards a full-fledged comeback. And while fewdetails have yet to be released regarding any of the SUVs specs, renderingartist Theophilus Chin has just released two images detailing his conceiveddesign for the first Alfa Romeo sport utility. In this case, he has imposed thefront grille and fascia of the Giulia on another future SUV model you mightfind familiar.

If the body showcased here rings one bell too many, that's because itseems to be based on the upcoming Jaguar F-Pace (and C-X17 concept), anothercompany-first which will likely rival Alfa's offering once they both hit themarket. Seeing as this rendering has little to be based on besides what Alfahas already given us, it does offer some hints of how the Italian designlanguage could work on a larger, bulkier SUV. But until Alfa offers us moredetails, we're willing to fantasize about an SUV or crossover that offershandling and performance fit for the manufacturer's fresh new image and returnto America. But for the moment, would Chin's design be good enough to fill thatrole?

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