Could This Tuned M3 Give A New M4 A Run For Its Money?

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The mods on this thing say YES.

Although the new BMW M4 is a highly capable replacement of the E92 M3, the latter still has the potential of giving its newer sibling a serious run for its money when tuned correctly. A perfect example of a previous generation M3 that has been spectacularly enhanced with some serious tuning is this insane M3 modified by European Auto Source (EAS). Not only is this M3 capable of performing on the track, but it's also an awesome road car.

The most notable performance modification on this awesome M3 is the addition of a new ESS supercharger and tune that replace the standard naturally-aspirated power source provided by the 4.0-litre V8. An ESS forced-induction unit has also been added to increase power output. The exterior of the Bimmer has been modified with CRZY Engineering front canards, sideskirts and diffuser, an APR Performance front splitter and massive rear wing. Black kidney grilles and orange TE37 Wheels, mirror caps and front lip have also been added. The interior has a roll cage, AWRON display unit, Takata racing seats, an M Performance steering wheel and Pedal Haus aluminum M performance pedals.

EAS did not specify the performance output of this Bimmer, but it's safe to assume that these modifications took it well beyond the stock 414 hp.

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