Couldn't Snag A Hellcat Last Year? Shelby American Is Coming To Your Rescue

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Because Carroll Shelby will always be there for you with horsepower.

By now we're all aware that Dodge couldn't keep up with production demand for the 2015 Challenger and Charger Hellcats. 707 hp for $60k will do that. Although Dodge supposedly has a remedy for model year 2016, it still cancelled 900 unscheduled 2015 orders. Those customers will receive a discount on a 2016 car, but they'll still have to wait several months until delivery. But Shelby American is taking full advantage of this situation.


The Las Vegas, Nevada-based subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International has just announced the following offer: anyone who can prove that Chrysler cancelled their Hellcat order is now eligible to receive a free upgrade on the 850 hp Shelby Super Snake. That upgrade? Katzkin leather interior. Oh yeah. It's actually worth $2,995. "This is the hottest opportunity for disappointed Hellcat customers," stated Shelby American VP of Marketing. "They now have the chance to buy the car that would have likely left their Hellcat at the last traffic light. And now they'll be able to do it from the more comfortable seats of their Shelby Super Snake."

The Super Snake Package starts at $54,995, not including the price of the base Mustang GT. All in, that's roughly $90k. However, Hellcats have been known to sell with insane dealer markups of around $20k, so take that into account, as well as this: the Shelby Super Snake is available immediately.

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