Drag Race

Count The Flips As This Cornbread Camaro Tumbles Down The Drag Strip

Try not to lose track.

This drag race turns a bit sour when a ‘60s Camaro, pitted against a later generation Camaro, loses traction about 300 feet from the startline. Like most straight-line races, they don’t get cool until either one of thecars blitzes the quarter mile time or flips over a dozen times. Typicallythe latter is preferred, and this particular race is no exception. According to our buddies at 1320, the flipped Camaro was running nitrous and steered towards the wall. As the driver attempted to correct the direction of the car it started flipping.

Thankfully no one was hurt from the crash, but that Camaro will probably be under the knife for a long time before its next drag race.

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