Countless Classic Ferraris And Porsches Take Over Singapore Streets

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Europe's best kept treasures apparently live in Asia.

With dozens of participants sporting some of the finest classic creations from Porsche and Ferrari, a recent event that took place in Singapore drew an army of drivers that each own a part of history from two of Europe's finest automakers. The Porsche and Ferrari drive brought together timeless classics like the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and other 360s, a Porsche Speedster and 356 and several first-generation 911 Turbos. Cruising through the streets of the island city-state, these beauties attracted quite a crowd.

Luckily for us, the entire event was snapped by photographer Vanqphotorque automotive photography, who was able to capture some of the incredible cars and magnificent moments of this special event, as these simple, elegant classics take over the streets of this modern city. With so many special participants, can you spot your favorite in the crowd?

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