Countryman is Unnecessarily Bloated Mini

It's the chubby man's Mini.

Don’t tell anyone who’s got one, but there’s really no reason for the Mini Countryman to exist. Sure, it’s stylish and quirky like the regular Cooper hardtop that Americans have come to love nearly as much as the British. However, it doesn’t offer any realistic off-road capabilities. Alright, fine, you can get one (way overpriced, of course) with optional all-wheel drive, but it’s still not something that’ll get you through really rugged terrain. So why even get one?

That’s a good question. It’s not a horrible car, but it doesn’t really break any new ground. Besides, a Nissan Juke, which is equally weird, costs thousands less and does roughly the same amount of nothing. Not convinced? Check out the new video from our favorite lunatic at Regular Car Reviews.

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