Couple Drive 14 Miles With Drunk Dude Asleep On The Trunk

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They had absolutely no clue he was there, allegedly.

We all have that one "crazy drunk" story. But we're pretty sure that this dude in Memphis, Tennessee, beats them all. There's no information on what happened to the guy before he decided to take a nap on the trunk of Carl Webb's Ford Taurus, but doubtless it involved some form of intoxication and plenty of it. After an agreeable evening at Barbeque Fest, Webb and his wife headed home from downtown Memphis. But, little did they do, they were not alone.

When they began the journey, it was dark, the car was backed up into a space and the sunshade was stuck up, so the couple were oblivious to the fact a man was passed out on the trunk of their car. They then proceeded to drive onto the interstate.

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Now, given the trunk is just 14 inches wide, and Carl drove 14 miles, presumably hitting speeds of 60 mph, before being pulled over by an MPD officer who spotted him, it's miraculous the uninvited drunk passenger didn't fall off the back of the car. "I have no explanation other than that little lip right there saved his life," theorized Carl. After the officer woke the drunkard up, he stumbled into traffic before the officer grabbed him and put him in his cruiser for safe keeping. Carl had some words of wisdom for the imbibed idiot. "I hope he takes a good look at where he put himself and the hazard that he had open up to himself. It would've been death." Amen to that.

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