Couple Gives Free Nissan Sentra To Their Hardworking Waitress

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A random act of kindness changes everything for a complete stranger.

It's all nice and good to wish people Happy Holidays and donate to charities for those far less fortunate, but sometimes it's the random of act of kindness towards a complete stranger at a random moment that can make all the difference in someone's life. According to CNN, a waitress at a Denny's restaurant in Galveston, Texas had her life changed completely thanks to a couple, who wish to remain anonymous, after giving the woman an extra scoop of ice cream.

Adrianna Edwards didn't think twice about providing that extra scoop, which led to a pleasant conversation with the couple. They learned from Edwards she was walking over four hours to and from work each day because she didn't own a car. That is 14 miles by foot nearly every day. "I have bills to pay," Edwards told CNN. "I've got to eat. You've got to do what you've got to do."

2010-2012 Nissan Sentra Sedan Front View Driving Nissan
2010-2012 Nissan Sentra Sedan Side View Driving Nissan
2010-2012 Nissan Sentra Sedan Dashboard Nissan

After hearing her story and paying their bill, the couple didn't go home or head to some Black Friday sale. Instead, they went to a nearby car dealership. A few hours later they returned to the restaurant with a 2011 Nissan Sentra and they handed the keys over to Edwards. No strings attached. No charge.

There was, however, one condition Edwards must one day fulfill: pay the good deed forward to someone else in need. Instead of the long daily walk, Edwards' commute to work is now down to 30 minutes. "She teared up, which made me happy that she was so moved by that," said the woman who bought Edwards the car.


Edwards, who was saving money to buy a car, can now use the money to begin attending college earlier than planned.

"I still feel like I'm dreaming. Every two hours, I come look out my window and see if there's still a car there. When I see somebody in need, I'll probably be more likely to help them out (and) to do everything that I can to help them out," Edwards said.

Remember everyone, there's always someone out there less fortunate you even on your worse days.

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2010-2012 Nissan Sentra Sedan Dashboard
2010-2012 Nissan Sentra Sedan Side View Driving
2010-2012 Nissan Sentra Sedan Front View Driving
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