Couple of French Drunks Torch 64 Cars in a BBQ Gone Wrong

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It helps to extinguish the BBQ before going home.

Typically we think of the French as a refined society with great tastes in wine and baguettes. All stereotypes aside, in every country in the world there are plenty of drunken idiots who do things that end in complete disasters for other (sober) people. Want an example? A couple of French guys who were attending a stunt show in Noyal-Pontivy, Britanny, France decided to start a BBQ in the lot where show goers parked their cars. And because they were totally smashed, the two forgot to put out the flames on the grill when they were done.

The result? The fire soon spread to the cars and a total of 64 cars were torched before firefighters could put out the flames. The blaze was so intense that it took 40 firefighters to extinguish it. But get this: the two men came forward and admitted their mistake, and will now face two years in prison.

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