Couple Sues Body Shop For Millions For Using Glue To Fix Car's Roof

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Metal should be welded, not glued, right?

According to The Houston Chronicle, a Dallas, Texas couple is suing a body shop for more than $1 million because it reportedly used glue instead doing welding to fix their car's roof. Marcia and Mathew Seebachan were involved in a nearly deadly crash on December 21, 2013 when their 2010 Honda Fit was struck by another vehicle on a highway. From the single image shown here, you can see this was a serious accident, and the Seebachans were nearly killed. Following the crash, it became apparent the roof was not fixed properly.

In fact, it was fixed with only glue.This very important fact was not present in the CarFax report the couple used when they bought the car a few years ago. John Eagle Collision did the work (or lack thereof) and body shop director John Boyce admitted glue was used as a quick and cheap substitute for welding in a deposition. The car's previous owner brought the car to the shop following a hail storm in July 2012 to get the roof fixed. And because the shop didn't do the work properly, the car's fuel tank and structural integrity was compromised. According to court documents, the roof was "effectively disconnected from the structure and did not provide the necessary contribution to the overall vehicle structure.

There are no welds at the flange between the roof and the cant rail." It gets worse: "After the accident, the vehicle caught on fire, and Matthew Seebachan sustained serious burn injuries. He was trapped in the burning vehicle, and was conscious while his body burned." The court still hasn't ruled on this, but based on the evidence, and the fact the body shop director admitted the shop's actions, this should be a very cut-and-dry case. So let this be a lesson to everyone: Get a professional inspection done for any used car you're considering to buy, regardless of what the CarFax report claims.

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