Court Rejects Lawsuit Against BMW By German Environmentalists

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The group unsuccessfully argued that the automaker's actions posed a health threat.

A German court has rejected a lawsuit against BMW by an environmental group that demanded the automaker quit selling combustion-engined vehicles by 2030. Environmental Action Germany, known in Germany as DUH, tried and failed to convince the court that carmakers like BMW threaten people's right to property, health, and life as long as they manufacture vehicles that produce CO2 emissions.

According to the Associated Press, the Munich regional court ruled that even though the group's arguments do hold some merit and shouldn't be ignored entirely, "at present there is no threat of illegal encroachment" on their rights.

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DUH sued both BMW and Daimler last September. This is not the first time a German court has ruled against a local environmental group in a case like this, and it's doubtful it will be the last. Over a year ago, Volkswagen was sued by the German division of Greenpeace, led by climate activist Clara Meyer, over its carbon emissions targets and demanded the automaker work faster to end ICE vehicle production by 2030.

Last month, another German court strongly indicated it would not be ruling in the environmental group's favor. In September 2021, a Stuttgart court dropped a case brought against Mercedes-Benz by another German environmental NGO because it was unable to provide proof as to how the automaker infringed on their rights.

Despite these court losses, environmental groups do have a lot to celebrate. All of these German automakers are now heavily invested in electrification technologies.

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Most German automakers have announced dates by when they will phase out combustion-engined vehicles, but BMW has been adamant that it will not let politics dictate its product. This doesn't mean it isn't investing in electrification, but that some markets will require combustion for longer than others.

Volkswagen already sells the ID.4 in Europe and North America and the ID.Buzz is on its way. BMW has the i4 and i7, while Mercedes sells the EQE and EQS, to name a few. The latter is also moving fast towards carbon neutrality at its factories across the globe.

DUH says it appreciates the court's determination that its lawsuit has some merit, and it plans to appeal the ruling. BMW, understandably, was pleased with the ruling.

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