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Coventry Transport Museum Helps Pay Tribute To Jaguar

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A hometown celebration for a brand still bouncing back.

Finally free of the yoke of British Leyland's poor management and Ford's relentless badge engineering, Jaguar has been making amazing strides in the recent past. So the Coventry Transport Museum, located right in Jaguar's hometown of Coventry in Warwickshire, decided to run an exhibit to pay tribute to the marque's history. The exhibit, known as "The Jaguar Story – A History of Design and Technical Innovation" was put together with the help of Jaguar Heritage.

The opening ceremony was one of the bigger affairs seen at the Coventry Transport Museum, with Jaguar design chief Ian Callum delivering a speech to a crowd which included long-time Jaguar test driver Norman Dewis. There was also a parade of 16 Jaguar models from various eras of Jaguar's history. The oldest was a 1938 SS Jaguar 100, and the newest was the first F-Type to have rolled off the assembly line. This F-Type #1 was then presented as a gift to Jaguar Heritage, a worthy addition to the storied collection.

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