Covini C3A 6-Wheeler Supercar at Goodwood

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The Covini 6-wheeler is more than just a sideshow attraction. It's Audi 4.2-liter V8 gives it 500hp and can speed up to 190mph. The hybrid is very light and sets a new standard for 6-wheeled automobiles.

For all the attention royalty has received over the last few months (mostly the nuptial, tabloid type), the rest of us finally have something good to enjoy. Lord March was front and center at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Of all the interesting cars present, the Covini C3A was surely the crown jewel. The recipient of an exclusive invite from Lord March, the unique 6-wheel supercar was developed 'by experimentation and innovation towards a very unique prototype.'

The C3A is 4-wheel front-wheel-drive hybrid with an Audi 4.2-liter V8 engine. Though its tent was crowded all weekend, this 6-wheeler isn't just for show. It produces 500hp and is capable of hitting a top speed of 190mph, thanks in part to its light weight of just 2,535 lbs. The frame is made of tubular steel and it has a lightweight carbon fiber body. The founder of Covini's son Gianluca Covini said the 6-wheels were "for performance enthusiasts, four front wheels offer the ability to get around a racetrack faster than ever before as better traction offers higher cornering speeds and deeper braking, particularly when the pavement is slippery or less than ideal."

The one aspect Covini continually focuses on when discussing the C3A is the driver's ability to control the car. With FWD and 4 tires, a puncture won't affect your control of the vehicle (too much) and increased grip and braking power will be greatly improved. As mentioned earlier, the C3A 6-wheeler is an eco-friendly hybrid. According to Covini, the C3A is a "sports car competing in (the) fast, powerful and luxurious environment where performance and speed are most important... Covini wants to stand out and be different, this manufacturer has invested time and money and finally developed an eco-sustainable project."

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Covini continued on "the C3A will be a hybrid car, half petrol and half electric, able to combine power and speed typical of sport cars together with creativity and responsibility towards the environment and the planet. The car's electric engine will also be able to reuse the braking power, which, using a technique known in Formula 1, will guarantee clean energy to drive around town or cruise in the countryside without harming the environment, at the same time assuring top performance when pushed to the max on the tracks."

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