Cows Are Everywhere in India, but Bangalore is Home to the Bulls

India's Silicon Valley has a plethora of overnight millionaires enjoying their new toys.

India is no slouch in the world of high-tech innovation. The country, produces many of the ideas, products and talent that goes into the products we use on a daily basis. The city that most resembles the US's Silicon Valley would be Bangalore. Often referred to as the science and technology capital of India, it houses the Indian Institute of Science, Indian Space Research Organization as well as R&D Centers multinational corporations and of course start-up pioneers. Many whom have become millionaires overnight.

That becomes apparent rather quickly to people walking the streets of Bangalore as Lamborghini's blasting past become more of a common occurrence. Here is a collection of some fine Lambos spotted in 2014 doing what they do best, being awesome.

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