Coyote V8 Fans Will Love Ford Performance's Newest Part

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It'll make an already great engine even better.

The Ford Performance parts catalog is an impressive one and boasts just about every component you can think of for your restomod or any other aftermarket project. For instance, while the manual gearbox continues to fall out of favor, you can get yourself a five-speed manual Tremec gearbox from Ford. Those with a bit more cash to burn can even drop almost $30,000 on the 760-horsepower supercharged V8 engine found in the soon-to-be-gone Ford Mustang GT500.

Ford Performance is always working on something new, though, and lucky YouTuber J. Smith - who goes by the name REVan Evan on the video streaming site - was invited for the unboxing of a brand new product that will please fans of the Coyote V8.

Ford Performance REVan Evan/YouTube

In the video below, the new part is revealed as an intake manifold for the classic Coyote V8, an engine that has once again found its way into the latest generation of the Ford Mustang GT in upgraded form. An upgraded intake manifold promises a healthy boost in horsepower as the stock items are more functional than anything else. Smith is clearly impressed with the solid matte black intake as he unboxes it and begins poking around at the details.

"It's obviously got runners like Boss or a Cobra Jet, but the plenum is big like a Cobra Jet," he said. Smith then mentioned older Cobra Jet Coyote manifolds that he says were equipped to cars running "very low 10s," and that enthusiasts "use these manifolds for all kinds of applications."

REVan Evan/YouTube REVan Evan/YouTube

Smith praised the affordability of the part and also said it felt like a quality item. Since the part first came out, the Ford Performance team fixed some of the issues that were found on older designs. It is now better for packaging purposes, has a more appealing design compared to the older Cobra Jet, and enhances throttle response.

It fits the 2011-2014 Mustang GT with the manual, the 2012-2013 Mustang Boss 302, and the 2015-2022 Mustang GT with the manual, although some modifications are required for the newer GT.

REVan Evan/YouTube

Ford notes that the new part boasts better lid stiffness, is tuned for peak power at 7,750 rpm, and results in a "significant power increase" over the Boss 302 intake manifold.

At a packaged weight of just over 16 pounds, the new manifold benefits from a lightweight composite material for its construction.

While pricing was unconfirmed at the time of the above video's release, we visited the Ford Performance website and found that the new Cobra Jet intake manifold retails for $1,500. That's quite a bit more than the $800-$900 suggested in the video, but still represents reasonable value for a part that will allow your Coyote V8 to perform at its best.

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