Crabgrass and Car Shows - Autostrada 2012 from Tula, Russia

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Auto shows from Russia are always entertaining, if not always confusing.

Since 2004, the Russian town of Tula has been hosting an annual Autostrada (auto show) on Russia Day, June 12. Autostrada 2012 featured plenty of American cars and older models, however what is most confusing is why no one cut the grass or attempted to make the area presentable at all. Even more noticeable than the aesthetic qualities of the area surrounding the event was the event itself, with more than its fair share of Confederate flags. Stars and Bars in Russia? Really comrades?

The event featured plenty of beautiful Russian babes, however more interesting was the models on display (the cars, of course). They featured a line-up of Chevrolets, including a Caprice, Monte Carlo, Camaro and Impala SS, a Buick Riviera, Cadillac Eldorado and DeVille and a "Black Raven" Pontiac Firebird, amongst others. Our choice from the event - a Crown Vic complete with 'State Trooper' painting. Check out the mega-gallery below from Autostrada 2012 event.

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