Craftsman Plans a First for Detroit 2012: The CTX Tractor

2012 Detroit Auto Show / 21 Comments

Craftsman is planning a first for the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in the form of a tractor.

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show will play host to a debut of a different sort, courtesy of the guys over at Craftsman. The American company will be bringing their new CTX tractor for its premiere in Michigan, showing off its array of new technology. Craftsman has raised the grass-cutting game up a notch with such features as EFM electronic fuel management, electronic cutting height adjustment, cruise control, power steering and automatic traction control.

That's right, automatic traction control on a tractor. A big 54-inch deck allows for maximum... cut-ability on each pass through the yard. Motivation for the CTX tractor comes in the form of a Briggs & Stratton engine that puts out a fear-inducing-for-grass 30hp. Top speed going forward is measured at 8mph, while in reverse the machine can reach speeds as high as 3mph. Pricing for the Craftsman CTX tractor begins at $3,000 for the garden models and go up to $6,500 for the lawn models. It will make its debut when the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit kicks off on January 9th.

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