Craigslist Is Becoming A Hotbed For Civic Type Rs With Inflated Prices

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It's not just supercar flippers that are ruining the fun anymore.

It's starting to seem like Honda is going to need to rip a page out of Porsche's rule book in regards to flipping high-demand models because as it's quickly becoming apparent, some non-enthusiasts, or at least gearheads with a desire to screw other car fans out of a few bucks using simple supply and demand economics, are gouging the Civic Type R's price into the stratosphere. Honda's issue is not nearly as bad as the one Porsche faced when the 911R went on sale with a seven-figure asking price.

That shocking inflation prompted the German automaker to threaten its customers with a ban on its vehicles if they wanted to treat its sports cars as investments rather than machines to be enjoyed, but as Jalopnik has pointed out, there's a heartbreaking story regarding an unloved Civic Type R in Greenville, South Carolina. Even though dealerships are avidly gorging on the profits of high prices they're setting for the Type R, the fact that lucky buyers who've already gotten ahold of their copies are doing the same is a punch to the gut. Whether or not Honda is concerned about the practice of price gouging, it should do something about it because it defeats the entire purpose of a hot hatch that's intended for the everyman.

The Craigslist post itself details a black Civic Type R on sale with only 600 miles on the odometer. The unemotional caption reads, "Honda civic TypeR black 2017 600 miles only serious buyer cash only i am no financing." It looks gorgeous parked in this driveway with its hood vent looking like a pair of flared nostrils, but not pretty enough to justify giving up the $22,000 this owner will make in profit. With a starting price of $33,000, this Type R goes for $55k, less than some dealerships are charging for their limited inventory but more than many enthusiasts are willing to pay, especially when more powerful rear-wheel drive muscle cars are available for the same price. Hopefully the next owner treats this Type R with more respect.

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