Crash Test Footage Shows Why The Volvo XC60 Is The Safest SUV

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Volvo wants all of its vehicles to be "deathrpoof" by 2020 - looks like the new XC60 is a step towards that bold claim.

The Volvo XC60 is being billed as "one of the safest cars ever made". A bold claim, but there's no denying that the Swedish automaker has a solid reputation when it comes to car safety. But no matter how much it touts the SUV's clever steering assistance technology that can actively avoid accidents, it will never be 100 percent crash-proof. So, to put your mind at ease Volvo has released a series of internal crash test videos demonstrating how well the XC60 can withstand a collision.

What's remarkable is just how rigid the roof of the XC60 is. When it was subjected to a rollover, there doesn't appear to be a single dent and no cabin intrusion whatsoever. A wince-worthy impact between the XC60 and a barrier at 35 mph yields similar results.

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The structure remains completely intact, with deformation only occurring around the cabin keeping the occupants away from harm. Additional footage also shows how the drivetrain takes the brunt of the impact to prevent any cabin intrusion.

Another video showing a small overlap crash at 40 mph may look devastating as the car violently breaks apart on impact, but, crucially, the structure still remains intact. Volvo has previously said that all of its vehicles will be "deathproof" by 2020. That's a very bold claim, but it looks like the XC60 is a step towards that lofty ambition.

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