Crashing A Ferrari And Burning It To Death Only Cost This Teenager $250


And that's not even the strangest part of this story.

There hasn’t been a supercar crash story this odd at CarBuzz in possibly ever. Seriously, this one is weird. Here are the basics: A Ferrari was being raced at 125 mph on public roads in Moscow when it crashed into two other cars and went up in flames. Police say Thomas Leviev, a student and the 18-year-old son of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, was behind the wheel. Nobody was killed in the accident but the driver of the Ferrari and the occupants of the other cars were taken to the hospital.

Here is a video of the crash. It’s a bit fuzzy so don’t expect much. Still, it provides a better idea at just how nutty this crash was.

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The younger Leviev had apparently just turned 18 the month before the crash and was thus an adult in the eyes of the Russian legal system. He reportedly fled the scene, perhaps with the help of a bodyguard. It’s said he turned up the next day in a Russian hospital with family members trying to conceal his age. Despite the fiery wreck he only had to pay a fine equivalent to $250 for driving without a license, this according to Russian outlet Pravda. Here’s where things get strange. The elder Leviev denies having a son named Thomas, this according to The Jerusalem Post. The comment was made by The Leviev Group, the umbrella organization that manages the billionaire’s businesses and charities.

The group said quite flatly that Lev Leviev “does not have a son called Thomas.” An official at the school Thomas Leviev was attending in Moscow, the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, commented on the story to The Jerusalem Post and further added to the mystery. “I cannot confirm or deny that Lev Leviev is his father. We know that his father is a businessman, but do not possess specific information beyond this.” So, we have a wrecked supercar and a son without a father. We told you this one was odd.