Crashing A Rented Ferrari On Your Wedding Day Is The Worst Move A Gearhead Can Pull

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They were either fighting over directions or in a rush to consummate the marriage.

Girls are supposed to play with dollhouses and boys have to play with toy cars, or so our society says. Another stereotype is that women thoroughly plan their weddings down to the color of the bridesmaid's cell phone case while men struggle just to write their vows and show up on time. However this newlywed couple had at least one member who was a gearhead because they decided to rent a $342,000 Ferrari 458 Spider to ride off into the sunset in. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

Not only did the newlywed couple crash the rented car but they nearly demolished the wall of an home. The crash happened in Burnley, Lancashire, UK when the driver lost control presumably while arguing about directions or testing how the 4.5-liter V8's 570 horsepower translated into kinetic energy. The bundle of energy that was the white Ferrari soon found its nose knocking into a wall, resulting in heavy damage to the front end of the car. Luckily the only casualty in the accident was the driver's ego, but at least the couple will have the best wedding story ever. The owner of the 458 Spider is said to be a rental company called Platinum Executive Travel (PET). PET doesn't have the best luck with its rentals.

Embarrassingly enough, the company has had an unnervingly high amount of expensive cars damaged in its past. During one five-week period in 2014, the company had four cars destroyed with damages totaling $713,000. One notable instance included an attack on a Lamborghini Aventador that was torched by jealous family members at a wedding. Luckily, the co-owner of PET tweeted that the damaged Ferrari should be back on the road within three weeks. This should be a lesson to all. Supercars demand care and caution, especially in the hands of inexperienced drivers and even more so when in a rush to consummate a marriage. Crash photos by Lancashire Road Police.

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