Road Rage

Crazy Ass Driver Shoots at Motorist on the Highway

Apparently filming other motorists is a risky business.

We’ve seen instances of road rage in Australia, China and plenty from Russia, but this has to be the most extreme reaction of road rage ever recorded on home soil. An Indiana man has been arrested in his hometown of Corydon after the police were shown the following video of him pointing his gun and allegedly firing it at another driver. According to WKYT, 51-year-old Perrin Dobyns is facing a wanton endangerment charge and will be extradited to Kentucky where the incident took place on I-75.

The video was taken by David Kollar who used his phone to capture the gun-wielding maniac’s plates as he was driving recklessly, undercutting cars in the emergency lane. Although you can’t see it in the video, which has been slowed down, police say a shot was fired. Thankfully no-one was injured.

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