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Crazy Canadian Caused Major Trouble For Corvette Owner


The guy's shenanigans got him arrested.

This is definitely not something that happens every day. In fact, we’ve never heard of a situation like this. According to the Vancouver Sun, a man was arrested last Sunday after to trying to claim someone else’s Chevrolet Corvette belonged to him. It all started at around 6 p.m. when the Corvette’s owner returned to his parked car only to discover a complete stranger sitting in the driver’s seat. That’s what can happen when you leave the roof down and walk away.

Obviously, the owner immediately asked the man to get out, but the guy refused. The owner then called 911. It took only a few minutes for officers to arrive on the scene. They too made the same request but the guy continued to refuse to budge, "stating that this was now his car.”

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Officers were forced to use a bean bag shotgun on the man’s legs because of his continued refusals to exit a vehicle that clearly didn’t belong to him. At this point, officers were able to arrest the 36-year old local resident. Fortunately, the man, whose identify remains unknown, was only mildly injured. He still refused treatment from paramedics. That still didn’t win him any sympathy from the law as he’s now being charged with criminal mischief.

There was no damage to the Corvette, fortunately. But what would prompt someone to hop into a Corvette – or any vehicle they didn’t own – in the first place?

One of the officers who arrived on the scene believes the man’s "level of intoxication may have contributed to this incident." Yeah, that would definitely be a valid explanation for what would otherwise be considered mentally unstable behavior. Too much alcohol has a way of making us human beings do extremely weird and sometimes illegal things.