Crazy Drag Racer With More Than 6,100 HP Reportedly Breaks Hub Dyno Record

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If you think your new Corvette Z06 packs a punch, think again.

Mike Moran is the proud owner of what is being claimed to be the most powerful car ever to hit a hub dyno. Dyno runs are a great way to determine how much power your vehicle is producing at the wheels. But, on the rare occasion that you're packing too much muscle for a regular dynamometer, one has to resort to a hub dyno.

That's exactly what famed engine builder Moran had to do when testing his 670 cubic-inch twin-turbocharged HEMI engine. This specialty drag racer is clearly powerful, but we're guessing not even the owner was expecting these phenomenal results.

Moran's creation churns out a mind-bending 6,144 horsepower and 4,000 lb-ft of torque. According to the video below, the vehicle is the most powerful vehicle ever tested on a hub dyno, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Precision Power/YouTube
Precision Power/YouTube

To put those figures into perspective, that's the same power that 9.2 Corvette Z06 sports cars would produce.

We can't imagine what this drag-strip monster must be like to drive, as 6,144 hp is an unfathomable figure. Road cars with less than a tenth of the power already feel like a handful at the best of times, so we can only imagine the thrill of sending this down a strip at full speed.

According to Speed Society, the vehicle - which wears a Chevrolet Chevelle faux body shell - is yet to hit the track. When it does, it's sure to give competitors a headache, assuming it can put all that power down.

Precision Power/YouTube
Precision Power/YouTube

If you're not sure what a hub dyno is, allow us to explain. With this setup, the vehicle's wheels are removed and the dyno is attached to the wheel hubs with a specially designed adapter. Not only is this safer - there's no risk of a tether strap breaking or a blown tire - but it's also said to be more accurate, as the impact on friction loss is lessened.

We've seen some surprising dyno test results in recent weeks. First, we discovered the Ford Bronco Raptor makes less horsepower than Ford claims. The Blue Oval claims 418 horses and 440 lb-ft, but testing by Hennessey Performance showed less impressive figures of 323 hp and 384 lb-ft.

Precision Power/YouTube
Precision Power/YouTube
Source Credits: Speed Society

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