Crazy Electric Car Uses Massive Fan To Suck It To The Ground

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It weighs 2,000 pounds and makes 1,100 pounds of downforce standing still.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, one of the best car events in the world, is a common place for manufacturers to debut new cars. We'll see the new BMW 2 Series and Lotus Emira on display at the Duke of Richmond's back yard over the weekend. We also get a selection of classic race cars, motorcycles and even planes and prototypes. One such prototype is from a British company called McMurtry.

The McMurtry Speirling is an electric, one-seat track car that weighs just under 2,000 pounds. As you would expect it's fast, getting to 186 mph (300 kph) in less than 9 seconds. But the key to the strange looking winged-beast its downforce.

McMurtry McMurtry

The Speirling doesn't make downforce with giant wings and splitters, which increase drag, it uses a giant electric fan to suck the car to the road. It makes 1,100 pounds of downforce when standing still. With less wind resistance, range of the EV goes up too. McMurtry estimates that the Speirling can run at race speeds for between 30 and 60 minutes.

The 60-kWh battery, as opposed to being in the floor like many modern EVs, is wrapped around the cockpit. The tiny Speirling comes in at 125 inches, about 25 inches shorter than the old Lotus Elise, and is said to have GT3 levels of performance.


The firm's managing director Tom Yates told Autocar that he wants "to create the best electric car we can. We have used the very best motorsport safety to design the car but have ignored any technical rules to design a car from the ground up."

We'll remind you that this is an early prototype race car, but Yates says a road car could be a long-term possibility. He says the company is trying to build its brand first. "First, we need to build the credibility, then prove the car and then the technology. And then we can look at what motorsport we could compete in."

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