Crazy Ferrari Owner Takes LaFerrari Aperta Off-Road For Donuts And Drifts

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Hey man, your paint job not ours.

To be fair, this isn't exactly the first time we've seen the LaFerrari Aperta pulling off mad drifts and donuts like it was trying to prematurely put its rare species on the extinction list, but the difference here is that this driver is utterly insane. More so than the one behind the wheel of the white LaF Aperta we saw spinning in Budapest because despite avoiding the dangerous public roads where strangers could have been hurt, this driver forgoes any road entirely and takes his supercar off-roading.

When considering the LaFerrari Aperta's absurd asking price (it cost $2-$2.5 million when new but it's been spotted for sale at $7.3 million), this feat of hooliganism, which strikes a balance between badass and bone-headed, seems all the more insane-but who ever said life was fun without introducing a little chaos?

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It's not exactly clear who the owner is, but given the resemblance in scenery and driving style between this pilot and one who took one of only six Mercedes CLK GTR AMG Roadsters in existence- costing $2.64 million apiece-out for a rally race, we can infer that it might be the same crazy and well-heeled person. At least they stick to the grassy fields where rocks, bumps, and potholes are unlikely to damage the car, unlike when they did with that poor old Mercedes. Something tells us this that even if this guy wrecked his LaFerrari, he would sleep soundly. I mean do psychopaths ever feel bad for their victims? Didn't think so.

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