Crazy Ford RaptorBus 6x6 Wasn't Built In America

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Go big, or go home.

Buyers have flocked to the Ford F-150 Raptor since 2010 and the third-generation model is just around the corner. Ford saw the market potential for a factory-built hardcore off-roader and its bank account has hugely benefitted ever since. Of course, this hasn't stopped aftermarket tuners like Hennessey Performance from creating even more ferocious Raptor tuning kits, but most buyers make do just fine with the stock truck. And then there are the tuners with very creative imaginations, such as Ford-Market, a tuning shop from Moscow, Russia.

Instead of modifying an actual F-150 Raptor the tuner decided to apply the Raptor's styling and attitude to an older Ford E-Series van. And then give it an extra set of wheels. The result is a huge 6x6 lifted van very appropriately named RaptorBus.

Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram

As you can see, the donor van was in pretty rough shape when the project got underway and we don't know at what stage the additional wheels were added. Of course, other new bits were added as well, specifically a new grille, bumper, headlights, and taillights. It's possible some of those parts came from a donor Raptor. There's even a set of LED lights up front.

Under the hood, however, remains a mystery. Is it technically and mechanically possible for the current Raptor's 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque to fit in there somewhere? Probably, but whatever the tuner ultimately went with will still need to be powerful enough for the RaptorBus to live up to its visual expectations.

Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram

Above all, this thing was built to be driven hard. Look closely and you'll notice additional springs have been added in the front and rear wheel wells. Imagine taking this thing off-road. Unfortunately, no photos of the interior are available but we wouldn't be surprised if it was mostly E-Series.

No word on whether or not the RaptorBus 6x6 is for sale, but you'll have to go all the way to Russia to see it in the flesh.

Ford-Market/Instagram Ford-Market/Instagram Side View Ford 2008-2014 Ford Econoline Passenger Van Side View Driving Ford Front Angle View Ford 2008-2014 Ford Econoline Passenger Van Front View Driving Ford
Side View
2008-2014 Ford Econoline Passenger Van Side View Driving
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2008-2014 Ford Econoline Passenger Van Front View Driving
Source Credits: Ford-Market

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