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Crazy Offroading Porsche Built For The Apocalypse

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Classic Porsche 911 given radical transformation.

Rally-spec 911s have been around for a while now. Factory-prepped 959s have competed in the gruelling Paris-Dakar while privately entered 911s have achieved impressive results in a variety of off-roading events for decades. What you are looking at here though is something completely different. Listed as a 1969 Baja Porsche 911 on eBay, this thing looks capable of scaling Mt. Everest let alone a tricky stage on some rally.

The seller, Motoexotica, deals in a number of weird and wonderful vehicles but even its 1991 Toyota Crown Hearse conversion doesn't look as impressive as the Baja 911.

According to Motoexotica, the steel-bodied 911 uses a real Baja chassis as its base, which has been coated in U-POL Raptor lining, the stuff you more commonly find in the load bed of a truck. That should keep loose stones and other off-road detritus from damaging the underside. Yhe bodywork meanwhile has apparently been painted in an Air Force surplus shade of black satin: the same finish used on the Stealth Bomber.

So far so crazy, the four enormous tires are wrapped around custom 15-inch performance racing wheels and the suspension is mounted on six high-performance shocks. The only piece of glass on the whole car is its windshield and there is a roof rack to store all that important gear for crossing the great expanse or wherever it is you would take such a vehicle.

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Instead of standard headlights, there are fog lights, roof lights and cowl lights to illuminate just about anything you want. Not much is mentioned about the drivetrain other than that there is a manual transmission which is connected to a 2.3-liter flat-four motor. While no further specs are given, we assume that it may be an enlarged version of an engine that was originally fitted to a VW Beetle or somewhat less likely, a Porsche 356.

So the Baja 911 is not going to win any drag races but at least you can just drive straight over your adversaries at the next set of lights. We will find out soon enough whether this particular brand of madness is worth $38,975 to someone.