Crazy Old Man Rams His Chevy Truck Into A Hotel Over A Billing Dispute

Well, it did hold up like a rock.

You’ve probably been pissed off at a hotel before, but you’ve never gotten as pissed as this guy. John Parsley, 62, was upset that two transactions on his card had been processed as he was previously told they hadn’t gone through. Police were called to the Comfort Inn & Suites in Alva, Oklahoma, after Parsley became irate. The cops told him they couldn’t help him as it was a civil matter, and, well this probably pissed him off further. What happened next is straight out of “Terminator.”

The guy rammed his damn truck into the lobby! The action was captured perfectly on the hotel’s security camera. Seriously, it’s nuts. Parsley was arrested—you can see him placing his hands up after he exits his truck—and faces charges for assault and felony malicious injury.

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