Crazy Rally Driver Rips Up Rally Course With BMW i3

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We should stop complaining that hybrids are boring because it seems that's a fault of the driver, not the car.

BMW's are as synonyms with drifting as they are with drivers who don't know where the turn signal switch is located and have an inflated ego, but some cars from the automaker are an exception to those stereotypes. For example, an M4 GTS is one of the better cars you can take out of your fantasy stable when an episode of bloodlust for rubber takes hold, but the plug-in hybrid i3? Not so much...or is it? Sure, skinny tires and electric torque are always helpful when breaking traction is a priority.

On the other hand, the high center of gravity, maximum output of 170 horsepower, and a throttle tuned to turn up smiles at the soon-to-be-dead EPA kills any prospect of fun driving. Unless of course you hand the keys to Finnish rally legend Rauno Aaltonen, who some say is "The Rally Professor."

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Thanks to rear-wheel drive, a relatively light curb weight, and a dirt road to help with the whole traction elimination thing, this i3 gets the ride of its life. With out so much as a smirk, Aaltonen gets behind the wheel, presses drive, and hoons the snot out of the i3 as if it was a rally car born for the sport. Twitching high speed corners that leave no room for error are more of a testament to Aaltonen's skill rather than the i3's cornering ability, and novel as it may be, it's an absolute blast to watch this i3 dance in the wilderness. As Aaltonen proves to those of us that are salty about the fact hybrids and EVs are becoming more prevalent, it's the driver that's responsible for making driving fun, not the car.

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