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Crazy Russian-Built Bentley Tank Makes Glorious Return

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And this time it's not playing around.

Remember the Bentley Continental GT we showed you the other day? The one a group of Russians from Jagger Garage turned into a crazy off-roader complete with massive tank tracks? Sure you do, the Bentley Ultratank is not the kind of vehicle you forget about in a hurry.

Well they are back, and they have fixed some small issues that made the Ultratank a bit 'tricky' to drive. Issues like the tank treads coming off around corners and an inability to go much faster than 30 mph. That second problem was probably not such a big deal seeing as the brakes didn't work either.

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The updated Ultratank can now easily race along just about any surface without fear of de-treading itself and in a rare moment of self-preservation, the guys at Jagger Garage decided to limit its top speed to 60 mph. They claim it makes in excess of 400 horsepower and even though it weighs 6,834 pounds, its accelerative performance along a dragstrip looks pretty impressive.

Now that the basic mechanical components have been sorted out we finally get to see the Ultratank do what it was obviously designed for, and that it is to drive over parked cars and squish them into the ground.

With over 23 inches of ground clearance and those awesome tank treads, it easily mounts two cars and then rides over their hoods again for good measure. That is just the sort of optional extra we would love on our next car, no more parking bay issues to worry about, ever.

Perhaps even more impressive, though, is the fact that one of these cars is then driven off in its post-Ultratank state. We still don't see any machine guns mounted on the sides but the team is putting the finishing touches on their mental creation so don't count it out just yet.