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Crazy Russian Drives On Tires Made Of 3,000 Nails

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Obviously, he's using a Lada for the pointless experiment.

Russian YouTuber, Vlad, is a hands-on kind of guy and when he finally had enough of tripping over random boxes of nails in his workshop he did what any normal guy would do in that situation, He decided to make a set of tires entirely out of nails for his trusty (rusty) old Lada 110.

Now Vlad is no stranger to, well, strangeness, he has also made tires out of 10,000 sheets of paper, coke bottles, shoes and electrical tape all with varying degrees of success. His latest exploit involves a set of steel rims, 3,000-nails and a lot of patience.

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Vlad and his Garage 54 team start off by welding a flat sheet of metal around the circumference of the two steel wheels, then they painstakingly weld each and every nail onto this sheet one at a time. Vlad calls his new creations 'super studs' and he soon has them installed on the front of his Lada.

The long studs take the load rather well considering the small surface area. Being on a huge field that has a thin layer of snow on it probably helps too. Starting off nice and slow the super stud Lada shows plenty of grip and Vlad gets progressively more adventurous to test its limits.

After some enthusiastic cornering and some higher speed manoeuvres, a section of studs on the left front wheel collapse. Undeterred, Vlad tries some full-bore standing starts which flatten the studs even further and shake the Lada until the engine dies.

Standard stuff really and in the final analysis Vlad reckons that the more densely packed nails on the right-side wheel have allowed it to cope with the rigors of snow driving more successfully. Imagine the kind of traction you could get on your Ford F-150 with a set of these bad boys. Some solid consumer advice for those of us living in the snowier parts of the US.