Crazy Russians Turn Bentley Continental GT Into A Freakin' Tank

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Welcome to Russia. Dah.

The first thing you need to know about this Bentley Continental GT turned tank is that it actually works. Most of the time. Meet Ultratank, the answer to a question no one asked but we're glad it exists anyway. Sometimes the world needs a fun dose of crazy, especially these days. And who better to make that happen than a bunch of Russians because, you know, Russia is so often the source of abnormal yet utterly fantastic things.

Essentially, Ultratank consists of a Bentley body, minus the doors, interior (what's left of it), and its engine. Oh, and there's the tank tracks themselves, the source of this madness. Not only can Ultratank handle off-roading and steep grades, it also sounds awesome. What's more, it's not even finished.

Its builders claim one of the main areas needing attention is the lack of tension on the treads which, at the moment, enables the tracks to slide off during hard cornering. Not good. It's not easy putting those tracks back on and it also requires a lot of time. Performance? We don't have every precise figure but there are plans to up its supposed current 31 mph top speed to 62 mph. Still not anywhere near what a "real" Continental GT can do but this isn't your typical Bentley.

Another issue the team wants to do something about is getting the doors back. Imagine all of the dust, dirt, and various other debris flying into the cabin and into the driver's face. Oh, and the brake pedal doesn't work at the moment. Definitely need to do something to fix that.

If these guys are willing to take one more suggestion to make this thing even crazier than it already is, then do this: add guns. Doesn't matter if they work or not because a couple of guns mounted on the sides and/or roof would just look cool. Who knows whether that's even legal in Russia but we doubt laws would stop these guys from going a few steps further into Crazy Land.

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