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Crazy Shanghai Taxi Driver Passes Over 50 Cars In Two Minutes

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The driver just refuses to slow down.

With over 24 million residents, Shanghai is the most populous city in the world. So you'd expect there to be unbearable traffic on every stretch of highway, right? When we visited the city for the Auto Shanghai recently, we were pleasantly surprised at how fluid the traffic actually was, and this awesome footage taken in a local taxi proves that if you've got to get somewhere in a hurry, the city of Shanghai can be quite accommodating.

The video was taken by a Japanese tourist en route to Pudong International Airport, and if you're willing to count then you'll discover that the taxi driver passed more than 50 cars in less than two minutes.

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Zig-zagging his way across the four-lane road, the taxi passes some cars as if they're going backwards, but never once does the driver seem to be out of control. No doubt the passenger was petrified by the brazen overtaking but at least there was no chance he was going to miss his flight out of China.