Crazy Smart Car Customizations

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Smart Car creations vary in size and in style.

What these Smart's lack in size they more than make up for in personality. The Smart Car was supposed to be the smart alternative to oversized gas guzzlers killing the environment and clogging up roadways. Unfortunately for the Smart Car, automobiles have only gotten smaller and more fuel efficient since its inception. While Smart may not have saved the world, their mini-cars are certainly a sight to see, especially when customized and modified.

Sanrio celebrated its 50th anniversary by collaborating with Smart on a Hello Kitty car wrap. The wraps were offered to customers for $1,700 a pop and came in three different styles. Unfortunately for dog lovers there were no Pochacco wraps available.

The Smart ForTwo Q-Pot was created in collaboration with Tadaaki Wakamutsu of Japanese luxury chocolate/jewelry house Q-Pot and was designed especially for Valentine's Day in Japan. Here's hoping the paint won't melt in the sun.

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Out of all of the Smarts featured here, the Smart ForFun2 is probably the only one that will garner any sort of respect from gearheads. Greek rally champion Stefan Attart created this monstrosity featuring the body of a Smart ForTwo with the innards of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog.


For some reason I could really see the guys of The Jersey Shore loving the Ed Hardy Smart ForTwo. Ed Hardy mainstays such as colorful coy fish and tigers are present throughout both the interior and exterior of the car which costs a whopping $23,000 (personal autograph included) just for the customization.

Female drivers are going to get the most out of the ForTwo édition Toile Smart Car from Hermes. The luxury Parisian fashion label Hermes designed this Smart to celebrate the brand's tenth anniversary. The car features the signature coloring of Hermes throughout and classy leather accents on the steering wheels and shifter.

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