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Designer car furniture? There have been more unusual things.

If you slept in a racecar bed growing up, then you're definitely going to want to check out all of these creative car furnishings. In what seems to be a growing trend amongst furniture designers, cars have clearly become something of a hot commodity. The automobile may not seem like a great source of inspiration for furniture designers, but it is. If you're still on the fence about reading on I have three words for you: Corvette work desk.

The 1957 Fiat 500 served as the inspiration for the Fiat 500 Design Collection. The Fiat 500 Design Collection consists of a table, sofa and double-sided sofa all designed using the front-end of the 500. The collection was created by Fiat in partnership with Meritalia. Fun fact: Lapo Elkann, brother of Fiat chairman John Elkann, also worked on the collection.

The folks over at Porsche and Porsche Design must be having a heart attack over the 2005 996 entertainment center. This creative design can hold up to a 42" television and is actually made out of the back-end of a real 996. The craftsman behind this design is unknown, but he or she is taking orders according to their YouTube video demoing the desk.

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To be fair, the Re-Tyre isn't exactly a real piece of furniture, but it is an interesting concept. Designed by Carl Menary, the Re-Tyre is an outdoor chair made out of old tires. Menary's design is creative and green. While it's no Corvette desk, it isn't tough to imagine the Re-Tyre in the garage or backyard of a gearhead or environmentalist.

It isn't too much of a stretch to say that all work desks pale in comparison to the Corvette desk. The Corvette desk was designed by the appropriately named Car Crazy Desks and is made out of the back-end of a Corvette. The desk sells for $2,000 and comes with its own license plate.

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