Criminal Gang Uses Toyota Tundra To Smash Through Gun Store To Weapons

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The Fast and Furious movie theory seems to be inspiring more criminals by the day.

Toyota replaced its previous slogan, "Moving forward," with its current tagline, "Let's go places," in 2012 and while most customers follow these suggestions within the usual confines of normality, some creative types like to think outside of the box. As ABC Action News reports, a gang of thieves in Zephyrhills, Florida did just that by using a Toyota Tundra to take them places, specifically through the window of a gun store where they were able to use the hole made by the Toyota to steal some firepower.

In the surveillance camera footage seen here, the thieves seem to have taken inspiration from a Fast and Furious series, although not to the same extent as the brazen South African thieves we recently saw rob an armored truck in broad daylight, but the level of boldness on display here is no less impressive.

In no more than 31 seconds following the front end of the truck smashing through the gun store, three hooded perps enter the store and begin smashing the glass displays with hammers to grab the firearms behind the glass. The third criminal runs out of sight to grab larger weapons and then the party leaves in a huff. Even though we can't catch a glimpse of their faces on camera, police have managed to identify three of the criminals and are now on the lookout. No mention on which of the four criminals is the Tundra driver, but thankfully police now have vehicles equally as large to help stop the hulking truck.

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