Criminals Use Vintage Bentley To Smuggle $106M Worth Of Drugs

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Hopefully, the gorgeous S2 won't have to pay for the sins of its owner.

A 1960 Bentley S2 (the spiritual grandfather of the Flying Spur) is at the center of a massive drug bust in Australia, reports New South Wales (NSW) Police Force. Suspicions were raised when the container in which the classic was stored underwent an X-ray examination. Following an extensive investigation, authorities raided a residential home in the Rooty Hill area, where the Bentley was stored.

Law enforcement seized the Bentley, which was originally found to be concealing AU$155 million (approximately US$106 million) worth of illegal drugs. Specialist police officers disassembled the pricey classic car and found 132 pounds of cocaine and a whopping 355 lbs of methamphetamines. The alleged criminals are said to have hidden the drugs in the fenders behind the headlights.

NSW Police Force

Aside from the stately S2, a Ford Focus and various electronics were also seized. Two men - aged 22 and 23 - were arrested and face several charges, including large commercial drug supply, importing commercial-quantity border-controlled drugs, and dealing with property proceeds of crime.

For the suspects, this must have come as quite a shock. Police and border patrol agencies first removed the drugs from the Bentley before allowing it to reach its final destination. Law enforcement raided the home of the suspected drug traffickers as they were searching for the since-removed drugs.

At a press conference, Detective Superintendent Grant Taylor said the suspects were "cutting into the car with angle grinders ... I think they'll probably be in shock at what's transpired."

10 News First/YouTube

Hopefully, Australian police officials don't punish the classic Bentley for its involvement in this mega drug bust. The Filipino government, for example, is known to crush cars - even McLarens and Bentleys - belonging to those who partake in unlawful activities.

American law enforcement takes a more interesting approach when it comes to criminal-owned cars. Last year, a drug dealer's impounded Challenger SRT Hellcat quickly switched sides as the Marion County Sheriff's department decided to turn the 707-horsepower vehicle into a crime-fighting police car.

Lovely as it is, the Bentley S2 isn't well-suited to police use. Remember, this is a country that uses a BMW M3 for highway patrol duties. The Bentley will, most likely, be auctioned off to someone who will cherish it. Earlier this year, a bevy of Supras - once owned by a now-deceased drug dealer - fetched incredible selling prices at auction.

NSW Police Force

This isn't the first time the importation of a classic luxury car has caused a stir in Australia. Billionaire politician Clive Palmer was heavily criticized after reports suggested he purchased a Mercedes-Benz 770K that once belonged to Adolf Hitler.

That's already not a good look for any politician, but to make matters worse, the controversial Benz was rumored to have made its way into the country via Russia. This, of course, would go against trade bans and embargoes put in place as a response to the Ukraine invasion.

As for the Bentley, it was only a small part of the drug-related pie. Around the same time, officials also carried out the biggest drug bust in the country's history. In total, AU$1.6 billion (around US$1.1 billion) has been confiscated and won't, thankfully, hit the country's streets.

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Source Credits: NSW Police

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