Cristiano Ronaldo's Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Crashed Into A Wall

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This time, the soccer star was not to blame for binning a supercar.

Cristiano Ronaldo is like Lewis Hamilton in many ways. Sure, each of them are known for their respective professions, but both transcend their arenas and are bona fide celebrities that can't really take a vacation anywhere in the world without being recognized. With fame and success come money and cars, and CR7 has been in the news for his cars fairly often. He was reportedly one of 10 buyers to purchase a Bugatti Centodieci and his girlfriend bought him a Brabus G-Class for his birthday in 2020, so he clearly loves motorized machines.

It's difficult to say what his favorite automaker is, if he has one, but he's got quite a few Bugattis. Currently on vacation on the Spanish island of Mallorca, CR7 reportedly wanted to have some cars to drive while relaxing and had his G-Class and his ultra-rare, $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse transported there. Sadly, one of his bodyguards crashed the latter. Ouch.

Romans International
Romans International

One of Cristiano's bodyguards was delivering the hypercar to him and lost control of it, slamming into a brick wall alongside the road, near a bend in the path. It seems that the bodyguard was carrying a little too much speed into the bend, perhaps due to being unfamiliar with the road. Fortunately, it appears that nobody was hurt.

As for the extent of the damage, there was some damage to the front bumper and splitter, along with the passenger side of the car. However minimal it might have been, you can be sure that the car won't be cheap to fix. The bodyguard has been kept nameless, and considering how mean fanatics of celebrities can be both online and in-person, we're glad he won't be facing too much abuse. The bodyguard has reportedly accepted full responsibility for the crash.

After the accident occurred, other members of Ronaldo's entourage reportedly dealt with police reports and the removal of the vehicle from the scene. It will presumably now be transported to one of his homes (Ronaldo has properties in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other nearby European countries) before being sent back to Molsheim for a full restoration to its former glory.

Obviously, this will come with a large bill, but considering that Spanish tabloid Marca reports his net worth at half a billion dollars, this unfortunate accident will likely barely register on the star's radar. Still, it hurts seeing something as rare and exquisite as this being damaged. Then again, it could be worse: back in 2020, the one-off Grand Sport Vitesse L'Or Blanc was crashed. Additionally, in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo himself crashed a Ferrari 599 GTB in a Manchester tunnel so badly that it was written off. That won't be the case here, thankfully.

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