Crocodile Skin BMW 3-Series

Something about exotic animal skins seems to appeal to Eastern Europeans in ways we don't entirely understand. We recently brought you some pictures of a leather-wrapped BMW from Russia, and the Latvian firm Dartz offers vinyl wraps textured to mimic snake and whale skin, to say nothing of their whale penis leather debacle. Now another Latvian firm, called Vipon, is showing off a BMW E90 318i covered in crocodile leather.

It's possible (probable, really) that Vipon has taken a cue from their countrymen, and this is a vinyl wrap meant to mimic crocodile, but we couldn't say for sure. As with other Eastern European tuners, details are hard to come by, and even harder to understand. Either would be fairly insane, but it certainly is distinct, making it a good investment for someone for whom money and taste aren't concerns.

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