Crowdfunded Dodge Viper ACR Crashes After Setting New Lap Record

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The team trying to set the record was devastated.

By now, everyone should be well aware of the crowdfunded effort to send two Dodge Viper ACRs to the Nurburgring to set the production car lap record. The previous Viper lap time was 7:12.13, and after several attempts the team was able to set a 7:03.45 lap. This was fast, but the team had one more day on the track to try and beat this time, claiming the heat had stopped them from setting a sub-seven minute time on the previous attempts. The team described their final day on the track in a Facebook post as "emotional highs and lows."

The description of this last day seems fitting because of what happened next. One of the drivers failed to set a lap because of a high speed tire failure on the final straight. The team changed the tire and sent him back out. However, when changing the differential fluid, the drain plug was only finger tightened which caused oil to leak out. The diff broke and the car was unable to finish. The team was down to just one car. They sent out driver Lance Arnold at noon because rain was predicted later. Arnold set a 7:01.3. lap time and said that he could go faster. During his second lap, however, he had a front left tire issue (like the other car) at 160 mph.

Arnold "ALMOST saved it but the car brushed the left guard rail ever so lightly" the team said in a Facebook statement. At that speed, the airbag went off and the attempt was over. The driver sustained no injuries, but was upset because he felt that the car was ready to do a sub-6:57 lap. The damage to the car now falls to Bernie and Ben at Viper Exchange, who own the car. The GoFundMe donations will go to "1) the track for repair to the rail and 2) the owner of the track-day because we took up 1.5 of his hours instead of 1" according to the attempt organizers. The team had been driving on someone else's track time to try to get a clean lap.

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Some people thought that the owners of the cars would profit on them once they were able to set the lap record. However, the gamble did not pay off and the owners are now stuck with two broken cars. We're sad that this effort was not enough to set a lap record. Going to the Nurburgring and challenging the combined might of Porsche and Lamborghini is clearly easier said than done.

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