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Crown Corvair More Fun than a Porsche Cayman

This might not have originally been a muscle car, but with a mid-mounted Chevy small-block and no back seats, this 1965 Crown Corvair is now.

It may have been described by Ralph Nader “as unsafe at any speed” and “the leading candidate for the un-safest-car title” but to some the Chevrolet Corvair had the potential to be a great. Just ask Chuck Rust, the star of this week’s Big Muscle who took a second-generation 1965 Corvair and swapped out the back seat for a small-block Chevy engine. The result of nixing the rear-mounted flat-six is an almost 50-50 weight distribution.

And according to host Mike Musto one of the best balanced performers he's ever driven, even more enjoyable than the Porsche Cayman. It also looks the part with some stunning lines and awesome paint work. Is this the mid-engine sports car Detroit should have built?

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