Crustacean Concept Cars

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Crabs and lobsters are design inspirations for future cars?

You might be surprised to hear this, but car designers may be clamoring for crabs sometime in the near future. All crass double entendres aside, many designers have been creating crustacean-inspired concept cars for the future. Crabs and lobsters may not be the fastest things on land, but their unique shape and mobility is surprisingly well-suited for auto design. Will some of these concepts make production from a major automaker? Anything is possible (and as long as their fuel-efficient).

Here's hoping that the Nissan V2G comes with a side of butter and some napkins. The V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) is designed for a future in which concrete highways have been replaced by electrified ones. The vehicle definitely looks like a lobster, but retains some of its car-like qualities. (There are two wheels in each of its claws.)

Hyperion is a crabby concept car from designers Marco Aurelio and Galan Henriquez. The Hyperion is electrically powered and constructed using a carbon fiber frame. No word on whether or not it would be available in red.

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Parallel parking would be a hassle of the past if the Citroen CCrab ever went from concept to reality. The CCrab looks somewhat normal and is designed with wheels that can rotate 90 degrees to make parking in tight spots easier.

Andrea Filogonio's Crab concept car may look cute, and it is. The Crab looks more like a toy than an actual automobile, but it's apparently designed for the streets of the megacities of the future. The Crab would be powered by in-wheel electric motors, feature an armored shell and be able to move side-to-side.

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