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Crystal-Covered Cars

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Fabulous and sparkling!

A collection of cars covered in Swarovski crystals. For some odd reason, covering a car in thousands of Swarovski crystals is not a popular thing to do. It could be that it's insanely expensive to purchase and affix thousands of precious crystals to a car. It could also be that driving around town in a car covered in thousands of dollars worth of crystals is akin to sticking a sign on your car that says "Please steal me." Whatever the reason, not many Swarovski crystal-covered cars exist. The few that do can be seen below.

An Audi A5 can't truly be called a luxury vehicle unless it is covered in 450,000 Swarovski crystals. This one-of-a-kind creation was designed by Russian tuner Shampa and cost a mind-boggling $215,000 in crystals and 1,440 in man hours to create.

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If you prefer to drive American but still like your cars covered in crystals, then the "Diamond Cadillac" is for you. The "Diamond Cadillac" is a CTS Coupe covered in 350,000 Swarovski crystals. The car got its unoriginal nickname from onlookers at the 2011 Qingdao International Auto Show in China who were obviously more concerned with ogling the car than with creatively naming it.

Chinese luxury car accessory maker Anjuny is obviously attempting to appeal to eco-friendly drivers with their Swarovski Smart Car. The auto accessory maker added 280,000 Swarovski crystals to both the interior and exterior of a convertible ForTwo. The result is an ultra-luxury car designed for those on a bit of a budget.

The last car on this list is easily the most sensible of the lot. The Swarovski Chevy Captiva eschews the traditional crystal-covered exterior of the previous cars in favor of a more toned down and traditional look. That's not to say this car isn't ridiculous, because it is, as evidenced by the crystal-encrusted rims, headlights and grille.