CTS Wagon Heading to Automotive Heaven

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Having been launched in 2010, Cadillac's CTS Wagon will meet its maker far too soon due to disappointing sales.

Should anyone be in the least bit shocked that once again American buyers have shown their complete lack of interest in wagons - even when it's a Cadillac? That's exactly the case for the CTS Sport Wagon and its V8-powered performance counterpart, the CTS-V. According to a report coming from Car and Driver, Cadillac is set to kill off the CTS wagon when the next-generation model debuts sometime next year. Both the coupe and sedan, however, will return.

The wagon was originally launched in order to help the CTS better appeal to European buyers, where wagons remain popular. Americans, however, long ago dismissed wagons as being, for lack of a better term, uncool. Another example of a great wagon being killed off before its time due to lackluster sales was the Dodge Magnum, a favorite only among a small group of enthusiasts. With the upcoming death of the CTS wagon, chances are now extremely unlikely that an ATS wagon will be offered in the US, though it reportedly hasn't been ruled out for Europe.

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