Cummins Diesel Truck Explodes Trying To Hit 3,000 HP

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This is where "you can never have enough boost" breaks down.

If you don't spend much time around souped-up vehicles, it can be easy to forget that there's an entire vast world of heavily modified high-powered machines out there, into which owners pour unspeakable sums of cash. As the old adage goes: "Cheap, fast, reliable. Pick two." Sure, you can make big power on stock internals with little beside a big eBay turbo and a junkyard intercooler, but how long your pistons stay within the cylinders is another thing entirely.

But it doesn't seem to us like the owner of this Cummins diesel-powered Ram Heavy Duty picked "cheap" as one of his two core tenets. Instead, we're chalking up his truck's violent explosion at a tuner event over the weekend to trying to extract more power than the motor was up for.

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The video above shows what can happen when you try to hit 3,000 horsepower with even a properly built high-performance diesel motor.

The owner of this truck, Shawn Baca, had reportedly just put down 2,920 horsepower on a previous pull, but he wouldn't be satisfied until he'd crossed the 3,000-hp mark. The video picks up just as the truck, named Master Shredder, starts picking up engine speed on its way to redline, but before it can reach max RPM, there's a sudden, violent explosion under the hood that makes the entire truck recoil. The whole cab is suddenly engulfed in flames, and Baca makes it out of the driver's seat just as a second, less violent explosion goes off.

Kaleb Ortiz via Industrial Injection
Industrial Injection

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured in this accident, with the lone exception of the now-destroyed Master Shredder. We don't know much about the truck, other than that it doesn't look like the folks who built it took any shortcuts. Much of the work done to it was performed by Industrial Injection, which specializes in diesel injectors, turbochargers, and engines, and judging by its name, "Master Shredder," it's probably safe to bet it had Industrial Injection's $29,000 Shredder Series race long block under the hood.

Losing a truck like that is a huge blow, but you can't put a price on human life. We're glad Baca and the dyno operator made it away okay.

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