Cupra Creates Extreme Off-Road Concept

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It's literally called the Tavascan Extreme E Concept.

In case you're not aware of one of Europe's coolest brands, Cupra is the sporty arm of Seat, itself the sportier and more affordable outlet of many Volkswagen products. For example, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI would be the Cupra Leon. Typically, Cupra models offer more performance for less money with fewer luxuries.

Recently, the Spanish automaker has been pushing the envelope more than ever before, unveiling a spicy hatchback concept last week. Before that, the brand brought its buyers an electric hot hatch, but today's focus is an evolution of a concept we first saw in 2019 called the Tavascan. Meet the Tavascan Extreme E Concept.

Cupra Cupra

Cupra says that this concept hints at the styling of the future Tavascan production vehicle, an electric SUV to be designed and developed in Barcelona. It is expected to arrive in European and other markets in 2024, but for now, we get this crazy Baja-inspired monster to pore over.

According to Cupra's head of technical development Xavi Serra, "The Cupra Tavascan Extreme E Concept is the next evolution of our all-electric off-road racing car with even more Cupra DNA and a design [that] hints at the brand's future direction. But it also delivers technical advancement too. The Cupra Tavascan Extreme E Concept uses flax fibers throughout the bodywork to improve sustainability and 3D printed elements that can be quickly recreated to keep the racecar out on the track."

Cupra Cupra Cupra

Along with creating a competitive electric racer, Cupra aims to increase environmental awareness. To achieve the former, the Extreme E Concept is fitted with a 54-kWh battery behind the cockpit for better weight distribution. This helps it achieve 0-62 mph "in about 4 seconds", meeting the Extreme E race series regulations.

Developed in collaboration with ABT Sportsline, the concept's reliance on flax fibers instead of carbon fiber could shape future customization upgrades available from ABT. With a bespoke livery intended to stand out against any backdrop, as well as Cupra's signature bronze accents, this concept is awesome to look at. We can't wait to see the final product tear up the Extreme E series.

Cupra Cupra Cupra Cupra

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