Current BMW M3 Order Books Closed

The remaining stock of the beloved V8-powered BMW M3 has officially been sold out, but its successor's debut is just around the corner.

It’s been an absolutely wonderful run, but now it’s time to say goodbye to the existing E90/92/93 BMW M3. According to an interview Car and Driver recently had with BMW M boss Friedrich Nitschke, it was revealed that the current M3, while still in production, is now officially sold out. In other words, BMW is no longer taking orders for the current M3. Production will happen for about another six months for the coupe and convertible only and all of those cars have already been spoken for.

Looking ahead to the next-gen M3, Nitschke all but confirmed the car will, as expected, ditch hydraulic power-steering in favor of the more advanced and efficient electromechanical system. Nitschke also revealed that despite Audi’s RS and now some of Mercedes’s AMG high-performance models offering all-wheel-drive, the M division will retain rear-wheel-drive for its coupes and sedans, at least for the current generation. For anyone looking to have an all-wheel drive M model, Nitschke suggests the X5M and X6M as well as some M Performance models. Expect to see the next-gen M3 sedan make its official debut this September at Frankfurt.

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